Access to high quality public education is imperative and has the ability to transform the lives of students. This drives us.

We are problem solvers. We work with public school districts and charter schools to proactively mitigate issues and solve legal challenges. Our attorneys work with schools everyday, so we understand that each school is different and unique.



School administrators need trusted advisors who understand the education system to help address legal issues. We pride ourselves on offering the advice and answers that allow education leaders the flexibility to function at their best. Simply put, we provide legal solutions, so teachers can teach and students can learn.



It is not enough to interpret law. It is our responsibility to help translate legal knowledge into practical application for clients. This reflects itself in all aspects of our business. We partner with our clients as an extension of their team, providing responsive, efficient legal counsel at every turn.


We believe in building relationships to understand our client and their individual needs. To do so, we must have in-depth knowledge of education law and issues – both current and emerging. In this sense, we strive to be thought leaders in the field of education law and policy. We are committed to providing effective, efficient legal solutions. We lead the way – in our field and for our clients.


What Do We Aspire to Be as an Organization?

We are dedicated to developing and maintaining a cohesive team of legal professionals, working collaboratively in a flexible and energetic environment, to provide Michigan educators the tools and support necessary to transform the lives of their students.

Our defining characteristics, as an organization and as individuals, will be responsive client communication, a commitment to proactive client education on emerging issues in the law, effective and efficient resolution of client matters, direct action in the community to enhance students’ lives, and the active pursuit of new opportunities.

We will place all members of our team in a position to succeed by assisting them in developing in-depth knowledge of education law and training them to be leaders, capable of managing clients and client matters independently and successfully.

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