There are very few true Education Law specialists.

We are.

An Education Law specialist is the Board’s General Counsel and principal legal advisor to the Board of Education and its administrators and employees.  We believe that exceptional Education Law specialists consistently demonstrate a unique set of qualities:

  • Detailed knowledge of the myriad of federal and Michigan laws that directly apply to education
  • Deep understanding of the federal and Michigan laws that do not directly apply to education, but affect the daily operation of educational institutions (e.g., labor and employment law, civil rights law, contract and business law)
  • Uncompromising honesty and ethics
  • A keen desire to help students learn
  • An understanding of the common culture of educational institutions
  • Sensitivity for and to personalities and political issues
  • A highly developed ability to communicate clearly, verbally and in writing
  • The experience to know whether the client is best served by directly attacking or finessing an issue
  • The talent, boldness and determination necessary to prevail in necessary or unavoidable legal disputes

We are passionate about education. Each LA attorney chose this field, just like our clients did, to support and foster future generations. 
We earned our reputation for delivering responsive, efficient and effective Education Law expertise.  We are particularly interested working with those educational institutions that expect the most from their employees and students.