Get To Know Adam Walker

Hometown:   Oxford, MI

Hobbies:   Watching Michigan football and the Detroit Red Wings, Catholic theology, building computers, reading fiction – particularly science-fiction and fantasy.

Favorite Movie:   Back to the Future

Favorite Place You’ve Traveled:  St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

One item on your “bucket list”:  Tour the Vatican

Favorite Candy Bar:  Twix

First Car:  2001 Chrysler Sebring

First Concert Attended:  Switchfoot

Favorite Sports Team:   Detroit Red Wings

First sporting event you ever attended:  Detroit Red Wings vs Hartford Whalers at Joe Louis Arena

What do you enjoy most about being a lawyer? Solving problems. Law schools don’t teach the law; they teach legal skills. When people need legal advice, their problem often is not black‑and‑white. I’m at my best when I can use those legal skills to come up with a creative and effective solution to a person’s problem. Of course, every lawyer also appreciates those rare situations in which the solution jumps out at them the moment they’ve cracked open a book.

Why did you choose education/school law as your preferred practice area? I come from a family of law enforcement, and the notion that I should pursue a career in which I can help the community was instilled in me from a young age. Schools are the backbone of society, and the students that come from our educational institutions go on to influence every facet of our world in important ways. When I help schools resolve their legal issues, those schools can focus on educating the future movers and shakers of the country. In that way, I do my small part to help our communities.

What do you love about working in Grand Rapids? Grand Rapids is a great place to be! It is growing quickly, has great food and breweries, and the minor league sports offer a bit more of a small‑city atmosphere than do big, major league sports arenas. There is plenty to do in the way of outdoor activities, especially once you get into the surrounding area, which is full of lakes and rivers. Working here means that I am close to all of these benefits and get to be a part of a fantastic community.