Harassment seminar completed for all employees? Check.

Policies updated and distributed to everyone? Check. Supervisors counseled on how to handle employee disputes? Check.

Legal issues can arise even when you have taken all reasonable precautions.  Allegations of sexual harassment made by one employee against another; concern that an employee is engaged in inappropriate conduct on or off site; disputes between employees premised on any number of situations; complaints by students and parents.  When these circumstances arise, the completion of a comprehensive, unbiased investigation by legal counsel is often the most prudent response.

Our attorneys have extensive experience serving as independent investigators in virtually all situations that arise in the course of our clients’ business.  Our approach is to be efficient yet thorough and typically consists of confidential on-site interviews, intensive document review, and analysis of e-mail accounts or online activity when applicable.

The goal in all investigations is to give our client the most complete and accurate understanding of the situation as possible, so the organization can make informed decisions about how to proceed fairly, both with the involved stakeholders and from an organizational policy perspective going forward.