Our Labor & Employment Law practice encompasses the following areas of law:

Contract Negotiations. We advise our clients in the area of collective bargaining negotiations, on an ongoing basis.  This includes the content of proposals, strategies, mediation, fact finding and implementation.  If requested, we are prepared to act as the chief spokesperson for the board of education.

Contract Administration. We provide our clients with contract administration services in the following areas:  analysis of grievances filed by unions; preparation of responses to grievances and representation at grievance arbitration hearings.

Grievance Arbitration. We are extremely active within the area of labor arbitration and have developed an excellent working relationship with the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”).  William G. Albertson currently sits upon the Advisory Council of the Detroit Region AAA.  We also have an excellent professional rapport with the local core group of labor arbitrators and have thorough insight regarding their reputations and predilections.

MERC Proceedings. We have represented many school district clients in proceedings before the Michigan Employment Relations Commission (“MERC”), including some of the leading cases decided by the agency.  Our attorneys read all decisions issued by the MERC and regularly make presentations to professional groups regarding the law developing under the Public Employment Relations Act (“PERA”).

Teachers’ Tenure Act. We regularly advise our clients in meeting their obligations under the Teachers’ Tenure Act.  We typically become involved early in the process of determining whether a professional staff member should be continued in employment and offer guidance throughout the process.  We draft all required documents for the school district.  Where matters proceed to a request for a hearing, we have negotiated settlements in many matters and handled more than one hundred cases before the State Tenure Commission.

Civil Rights. We frequently provide representation to our clients in matters brought before the Michigan Department of Civil Rights (“MDCR”) the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) and the federal Office for Civil Rights (“OCR”).  We also have an active practice in state and federal courts defending our clients regarding discrimination claims.

Other State and Federal Agency Representation. Our attorneys regularly represent clients before state and federal agencies regarding wage and hour claims, overtime disputes, work safety matters and unemployment compensation appeals.