It’s a harsh truth – we live in a litigious society.

Sometimes warranted, frequently not, lawsuits are a reality of operating any organization.

While steps can be taken to try and mitigate the circumstances that frequently lead to litigation, the lawsuits are going to come.  When they do, you need someone who isn’t afraid to battle, someone who understands the intricacies and operations of school districts.  Finding someone who claims proficiency as a litigator isn’t enough – you need a school litigator.

Lusk Albertson is a full-service litigation firm with decades of experience representing school districts and their employees in contested matters.  Our litigation expertise involves all aspects of client defense, from the first notice of a claim through any appeals that might be necessary.

But knowing the litigation process isn’t enough.  Nor are blanket contentions about a fighting spirit or being unafraid.  With an eye on victory, our mot important job is to be in your corner to help navigate the school district and any involved staff members through what will undoubtedly be an unsettling, scary, and foreign experience.  Our strength lies not only in zealously defending our clients, but in working with them collaboratively to minimize the disruption and discomfort brought on by the litigation process.