Looking for another area of law?

Smart lawyers know what they don’t know. Honest lawyers don’t do work that other professionals can do just as well and more efficiently.

For these reasons, Lusk Albertson has built partnerships with other law firms, other professional firms and other individuals to bring our clients the right skill sets to do the job at the right price.

For example, we are not experts in environmental law.  When our clients need environmental lawyers, we refer them to attorneys with the necessary qualifications and expertise. We often remain involved, at our clients’ request, to make sure the work is done properly and for a reasonable price.

We also encourage our clients to consider whether a lawyer is the best person for the job.  For example, there are many excellent chief negotiators who are not lawyers.  Thus, we often work in the background, supporting our clients’ chief negotiator at the table.

Separately, we have partnered with a number of well qualified and experienced chief negotiators who can handle collective bargaining at the table.  We remain in the background, as needed.  Our experience suggests this arrangement saves our clients’ money and, in addition, they often experience less contentious bargaining with more productive outcomes.