Notwithstanding some tendencies and practices to the contrary (not within your district, of course), the Michigan Open Meetings Act does not authorize a board of education to meet in closed session whenever a “personnel matter” is to be considered. This catch-all phrase is simply not found within the text of the OMA.


**LAST UPDATED: Thursday, December 13, 2018 @ 530pm** As you have almost certainly heard by now, our Legislature has been striving to pass numerous laws and amendments during its lame duck session.  The 11th‑hour blitz is not without its critics, but for better or worse the Legislature’s moves will impact Michigan’s schools.  Below, we summarize
Title IX is a federal law which prohibits school districts from discriminating against students on the basis of sex in exchange for federal funding.  The U.S. Department of Education’s (“DOE”) Office of Civil Rights oversees school district compliance with Title IX, including the investigation and resolution of Title IX complaints when they arise. Locally, the
The Court of Appeals, by a 2‑1 split decision, has ruled that a student injured in a car accident may not proceed in his case.  In Schaub v Seyler, Logan Schaub was waiting at his bus stop when RyAnn Herman, an alternate bus driver for Traverse City Area Public Schools (TCAPS) who had never driven
Recently, the Legislature added a Revised School Code section to allow high school students to receive practical experience before graduation.  MCL 380.1279h presents grades 9‑12 students (with a parent’s or guardian’s permission) with the option to receive school credit in exchange for the completion of an internship or work experience opportunity.  To qualify for credit,


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