Notwithstanding some tendencies and practices to the contrary (not within your district, of course), the Michigan Open Meetings Act does not authorize a board of education to meet in closed session whenever a “personnel matter” is to be considered. This catch-all phrase is simply not found within the text of the OMA.


Earlier this month, LA reported that Idaho was the first state to ban transgender women from participating in women’s athletics.   The Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, signed by Governor Brad Little, legalized the practice of requiring women to partake in physical, genetic, and hormone testing in order to compete, should their gender be questioned. The
Last night, Governor Whitmer issued Executive Order 2020-65, which supersedes Executive Order 2020‑35 and provides further guidance relative to the provision of K‑12 education for the remainder of the 2019‑2020 school year.  While the EO is significantly similar to EO 2020‑35, it contains new language on the following topics:  safety drills and compulsory attendance, early
In a recent unpublished case, Janetsky v County of Saginaw, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled that a former prosecutor’s case against her past employer and superiors could not proceed.  Janetsky had been assigned to charge sex crimes.  While Janetsky was away on her honeymoon, Chief Assistant Prosecutor Boyd reached a plea deal with the
In more than one occasion, the United States Supreme Court has declined to recognize a constitutional right to education.  So has the Sixth Circuit.  Nevertheless, in Gary B, et al., v Whitmer, et al. (Case No. 18-1855/1871, April 23, 2020), the Sixth Circuit reversed field in a split decision. Plaintiffs in Gary B were students


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