Notwithstanding some tendencies and practices to the contrary (not within your district, of course), the Michigan Open Meetings Act does not authorize a board of education to meet in closed session whenever a “personnel matter” is to be considered. This catch-all phrase is simply not found within the text of the OMA.


The Family and Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”) can be difficult to navigate, as an employer recently learned in Dyer v Ventra Sandusky, LLC, Case No. 18-3802 (August 8, 2019).  The case involved an employee, Jerremy Dyer, who used intermittent FMLA leave for his migraines – resulting in his absence from work several days per month.  The employer
On August 8, 2019, the Wage and Hour Division of the U.S. Department of Labor released an opinion letter that may alleviate some stress from working parents who have children with Individualized Education Programs (“IEPs”).  The facts presented were straightforward: a mother of two children with qualifying serious health conditions under the Family and Medical
The Michigan Employment Relations Commission (“MERC”) released two decisions of note in July. Both cases were dismissed in full – one adopting the Administrative Law Judge’s (“ALJ”) decision and the other overruling the ALJ’s order.  Summaries of these decisions are as follows: Birmingham Public Sch., Case No. C16 I-098.  Lusk Albertson is pleased to share
Local school districts may see a change in funding after the Michigan Court of Appeals released its recent decision in Taxpayers for Mich Constitutional Gov’t v Michigan, Case No. 33463, which may be accessed here.  There, the Plaintiffs alleged that Michigan violated Section 30 of the Headlee Amendment by using Proposal A funds to pay


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