Experience, Expertise & Passion


District leaders told us they needed pragmatic solutions to certain persistent concerns. LA listened and responded with unique and creative service options that couple our education experience and deep network to eliminate those obstacles.

LA School Policy Services™

Board policies should be clear, concise and tailored to meet the educational community’s needs. Is this an accurate description of your policies? Our experience as Education Law specialists suggests that most policy manuals are unnecessarily bloated and out of date. Our solution is LA School Policy Services™.

  • Concise Policies
  • District-Specific Priorities
  • Focused and Flexible

LA Human Resources Services™

LA Human Resources Services™ partners with educational professionals to bring experienced problem-solvers to clients for a reasonable flat or hourly fee that includes behind the scenes legal consultation with LA attorneys. This approach saves money and provides districts with flexibility.

  • Seasoned HR Professionals
  • Financial Flexibility
  • Attorney Supported Activities

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